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Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. – Andy Warhol


I get this stuff every day


“We are a tech conference and we need female speakers”. “We have a panel and we need a female to talk about bitcoin”. “We make a movie about crypto and we need a female character”. “I’m writing a story about ICOs and I need to interview a woman”. “I am a journalist and please tell me how you feel as a woman in male dominated industry”.¬†
And it bores me stiff.

I just put on my Facebook profile the permanent info that I am not accepting such requests. Why? Because the fact that I am a woman does not make me automatically interested in the topic of gender equality in tech. Just like being a woman does not make me automatically interested in fashion or cooking. There are many other topics that I am interested in, like sport cars, pole dance, Blockchain, cryptokitties, the history of stock exchanges, financial modelling and a good wild party.

There are just two female initiatives that I am personally fascinated by, and it is for very special reasons, which extend far beyond the fact that they are organised by humans who happen to have a pussy. One could have impact on the peace making in the Middle East. The other one has the potential to spare the cryptocommunity some political disasters.

Dear organisers, I kindly ask you that you don’t invite any women to your initiatives or conferences just because they are women. There is really not much difference in saying “we need you on the panel because you’re a women” and “we need a pretty hostess for our event”.

Oh, unless you can send me along the photos and bios of the boys that will sit on that panel with me. Because good looking, smart guys I am always quite interested in.

Thank you.

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